Welcome to MI-AG, where we prioritize the needs of farmers and the farming community. Our agricultural services are comprehensive, providing manure agitation, transportation, and application solutions. At MI-AG, we're not just managing manure; we're cultivating partnerships with those who feed the world.

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What We Do


Manure agitation is essential for maintaining the quality and usability of manure as a fertilizer source. At MI-AG we effectively agitate manure to ensure a consistent distribution of nutrients and to make it more effective to pump or apply onto fields.


We have a fleet of over 18 manure tankers, with booms, ranging in size from 7,500 gallons to over 10,000 gallons. We are set up to haul from Farm to Field. We can unload into a frac tank for drag-lining or off load directly into a field spreader.


We have a complete operation for direct or remote dragline application, including three different style application tool bars. We can pump directly from the farm up to several miles away or use our frac tank to mobilize directly at the field for those further away locations.

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